About Us

Auto-Journals sets out to capture the real essence of car ownership; the highs and lows, thrills and spills that make it a consuming passion for many. We look at the world of cars from a different vantage point. Unlike traditional publications written by professional journalists who might test a car for a few days, or even a few hours, our writers are real people with real life experience of their cars. The core of Auto-Journals is a collection of regular journals written by owners about their day-to-day adventures with their cars.

Here you’ll find the voyages of discovery and little details that make us love or hate our cars – a true picture of what these cars are like to live with and how their owners feel about them. You can also find real world data recorded by real world users so you can look beyond manufacturers’ estimates of running costs and reliability. You can also read regular Reviews and Features by new and established writers who add their own opinions and experiences and create an extra dimension to the authentic stories of car-ownership.

Auto-Journals is written by those who know cars best – the owners.

Who we are

Managing Editor: David Yu

After a 15 year career in financial consultancy – but a lifelong passion for cars – David decided to change lanes and devote all his attention to his blossoming motoring journalism career. Having owned many performance cars over the years, it was his first, 440bhp Nissan Skyline GT-R and his subsequent co-founding of the Skyline GT-R Register (UK) that brought him to the attention of Performance Car magazine back in 1995. He started writing for Performance Car in 1997 and has been a contributing writer to Evo Magazine since its launch in 1998. He has since had articles published in Car, Ferrari, British Airways magazines and others. Also the proud holder of a National A race licence, David is mainly known for his propensity for spending unwise sums of money on tuning his cars and then blowing them up.

Creative Director: Tim Milne

Tim has shadowed David’s car ownership on a few occasions with a couple of Skylines, some Corvettes and even the odd Peugeot 205 GTI, though his real favourites (unlike David) are Porsches. Tim’s career started in the printing industry, where his company Artomatic championed the medium and pioneered the use of innovative materials that is commonplace today. He’s a strategist with a fascination for people’s relationship to media and splits his time between Auto-Journals and another innovative media vehicle, Matter. He also enjoyed a brief spell as a contributing writer for Evo Magazine before the infamous North Wales constabulary cut his motoring journalism career short.