Classy Coupe

beacon_514de779c7342-lightboxFollowing much thought I decided to get an Alfa Romeo GT JTD.Some say it’s wrong to have a diesel coupe but i think it’s quite a good compromise.

I got the car in September 2011 following a month of  having 4 different hire cars after my previous vehicle had been written off in an accident.

I instantly fell in love with the car. The thought of driving something just a little out of the ordinary was quite a novelty . It was also usefully quicker than my previous cars.

A week in …. first issue..

I was driving to the south west when i had an abs failure msg come on the dash.. No problem I’ll turn it off, turn it back on again   . This didn’t solve it . I took it to a trusted mechanic in Devon who identified that the n/s/r abs ring had corroded thus confusing the sensors. The only way to replace the abs ring was to replace the whole wheel bearing which amounted to a £300 bill which was paid by the supplying dealer.

About 2 weeks later I parked at work and as I put my foot down on the clutch the clutch stayed down…..

This turned out to be failure of the slave cylinder. The love for the car had started to wane now . But I persisted . Following these issues I doubted how well the supplying dealer had looked over the vehicle . I did not know any local small Alfa Romeo garages so brought the car to an authorised Alfa garage.  The bill was substantial but I had peace of mind that the work had been carried out well and that the car had been given a good once over (they did declare it a good un as well)

The clutch had started to slip and the authorised garage had given me a cost of £750 for the work. I wasn’t really ready to spend that … As luck would have it I stumbled upon an Alfa Specialist quite nearby that would carry out the work for around half that cost. He has done all my servicing since and also a full brake replacement with upgraded pads at very reasonable rates.

I have driven the car to my Irish homeland twice now along with many other miles besides . It’s a fantastic cruiser with real cross country pace all with the added advantage that you don’t have to stop for fuel as often thanks to 50mpg and a range of about 700 miles,




Liam Jackson

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