Pic035_4e0f6f176f657-lightboxWe’ve owned the big Audi exactly 4 years, during which it has covered over 90,000km of motoring, usually hauling a large number of children between cities or across the continent; the amount of abuse this car has to sustain is quite something.

During April and May we traveled to Norway and Sweden respectively and once the winter tires finally came off last month, the Q looked a real mess, inside and outside.

So i decided to thoroughly clean the beast and surrender the keys to M&R car cleaning ( if your Dutch is any good), who over two days performed a stellar job in cleaning the engine bay, the interior from all kinds of muck and candy residue,  polished the exterior and applied WaxGuard, a thin film of paint protection. The job cost 370 Euro in total, but is worth the outlay, especially if you need to sell your car: the Q7 looks near new with 99% of the surface scratches removed and an interior smelling ‘new’.

What else to report since last? I upgraded the roof box to a Thule 900, the largest there is. My kids are getting bigger and so is their luggage. The Q7 is short of interior space with all seats in use so a larger coffin was sourced. This thing is 2.5 meters long, 2 feet wide and can only be lifted by two people, but still doesn’t look that big on top of the uber-Audi! It does the job though and swallows everything for a week’s holiday for six, leaving more space inside for the kids to mess around.

The car was serviced too recently, but other than changing the rear brake pads, all was well (touch wood).

(On a different note – call it a brain dump – the Audi registered 30mpg whilst driving in Scandinavia and although speeds are glacial in Norway specifically, not so in Sweden, this is not bad for a fully loaded SUV on petrol and is massively better then what the car yields on the continent. But the crux is this is not about how fast you travel, it’s about driving at constant speeds with no traffic lights to interrupt the flow. It makes you wonder about the utter nonsense of the stop-start engine trend – instead, traffic lights should be kept at an absolute minimum. I am convinced that’s a lot more economical overall)




Tiemen Meester