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Fade to Grey…

So, after nearly two blissful years, it's time to say farewell to Godzilla 2.
Yes, it's for sale. £42,495 or near offer. Any enquiries, please contact me via the site.

Holy Akrapovic!

On my trip to the Nürburgring last October (click on entry 7) I met German GT-R enthusiast Alex Wutzke who had a gorgeous titanium Akrapovic exhaust system on his tuned GT-R.

Introducing: Purple ZIlla!

Long term evo magazine readers will remember Godzilla (1) which was my 1997 Nissan R33 GT-R V-spec. Midnight Purple was my only choice for the R33 and I still loved the dark metallic aubergine paint scheme even as the rest of the car grenaded around me.

What’ll she do mister?

The best part about using a Cobb Access Port to tune the GT-R has been the support from supplier GTC (www.gtc-r.com). They emailed me a 99RON Stage 2 map which is designed to be used with 99RON octane fuel, i.e. either Tesco SuperUnleaded or Shell V-Power

Return to the RIng

Last month’s outing at Bedford Autodrome took Godzilla 2 to the 1000 mile mark which meant it needed to have its free post running-in inspection service.

Anyone, anytime, anywhere.

No, not the cheesy 70’s Martini adverts, but the mission statement Nissan has proclaimed for the GT-R.

For men like me though -who actually ARE driving gods- it could be a disincentive to buying the car; why have one that “anyone” can drive well?