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Auto Journalist: Nick Goldberg

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What to do next?

It's not been a month yet and already I'm itching to modify the MPS to make it that little bit different.

Reports are very encouraging about the response of the MPS's 2.3 T engine to long cold air intakes, with 'Gains of up to 29.9 HP @ 6200 RPM and
        25.3 ft-lbs @ 6200 RPM available'.

Whilst this seems a lot of extra power for a bolt on upgrade, it does strike me that whilst the MPS surely makes brisk progress when short-shifting and riding the torque, power up at the top of the rev range (redline @ 6,500rpm) feels quite strangled.

In fact, rolling road figures show that above its 5,000 rpm peak the MPS engine is only delivering between 205bhp -220 bhp. This simply wont do.

If a simple cold air intake ups that power output @ 6,500 rpm, , its a no-brainer to make the upgrade.

Watch this space, reports will come following the decision of which one to go for.