Back in session

982837306_FB_xxx_4f76f3f6b977f-lightboxThe M3┬ábasically has’t seen any action since early November. I used the dull winter period to replace the after market Pioneer radio & GPS for a Dynavin unit. The real attraction of this brand is that it fits seamlessly in the interior and connects to the original BMW fittings. The GPS is very good, in fact looks stock and although the sound quality is a little less the dash interior looks a lot more together. Even all the buttons on the steering wheel now work!

I kicked of the driving season with a trackday at the Nordschleife. This was a closed session, allowing you to enjoy that straight to full. The car pulls to 260 km/hr when passing parkplatz and with a short dab on the breaks and downshifting to fifth enters Tiergarten at 230 km/hr. An utterly addictive process.

This week I was at Spa, in beautiful weather and managed some 40 laps until the PS2’s finally cried wolf with blisters appearing at the front outer edges. The MIchelin’s covered 10,000km exactly, of which I estimate 2,000km on track. Not bad. I have ordered a set of MIchelin Super Sports and am curious to learn if there’s going to to be a noticeable difference.

During the winter I typically ponder whether to keep the car or move on to something quicker. Endless hours surfing the net, I scouted for used E92 M3’s, GT-R’s, 911 GT3’s – you name it – and although some quicker guns are in reach financially, I somehow have grown very fond of this characterful little Beemer. Our relationship has matured but not yet peaked. It’s utterly reliable, financially it won’t break the bank to maintain, run and play with, the Bilsteins have transformed its handling and I just love that engine.

This then implies what to mod next. My philosophy if you will is that any mod needs to genuinely improve the car as a whole proposition. I don’t want a stripped out racer (and believe me I have considered this), which means there’s little left to improve unless you are willing to take a look at that engine.

To be continued.




Tiemen Meester