Time to play

My car had reached three years old and despite a sinuous, bumpy new commute that did not suit it, I could not think of anything suitable to replace it. As a result, I decided to indulge it with a few enhancements when its 48k service was due.

The three year review

Three years. A long time to own a car, by the standards of most enthusiasts. My GTA faced two major challenges – I had budget available to replace it, and a change of commute meant using roads far less favourable to the car. Would I keep it?..

Solace for the Alfa haters?

Two steps forward, one step back. That’s a familiar concept to many Alfa owners, who can find their affection for their cars tempered by some of the realities of ownership, and one that I’m going to explore in this third entry.

Alfa male

The first article explained more about the selection and purchase of the GTA and covered the time up to the end of 2005, this time I hope to explain a little more about the ownership and driving experiences of car through 2006.