Alfa male

The first article explained more about the selection and purchase of the GTA and covered the time up to the end of 2005, this time I hope to explain a little more about the ownership and driving experiences of car through 2006.

Passion wagon

Expect some funny reactions when you explain to anyone with even a passing interest in cars that you not only drive a top of the range Alfa Romeo, but bought it new.

To Italy and back

It was a great plan. Italian Grand Prix, family holiday, leisurely drive down. The choice of transport was easy. My sister and I in the Alfa, my parents in their Ferrari 308 GT4.

Character? Or excuses?

I like cars with ‘character’. The original VW Beetle has it, the Peugeot 205 GTI has it; the Lancia Delta definitely has it. I’d even say some of the big German uber-saloons have it, in their own efficient kind of way.