Coming out of a long, but trouble free winter, the Q7 received some overdue TLC.

Tough Love

I employed every trick in the book to convince my wife that we could afford to own one of the more practical cars from my dream garage. Here's an account of my introduction to RS6 ownership.

Designer car or driver’s car?

The Audi TT has become something of an icon since its introduction in the '90s; for design fetishists, Art-Deco enthusiasts and estate agents, it represents the strikingly beautiful apogee of modern car design.

The grand tour

3,000 miles, 650 litres of fuel and 80 hours behind the wheel. The Audi had initially stolen my heart from a life-long love of BMWs but would the varied demands of my Continental holiday make me doubt my switch of loyalty?

The anti-BMW

1986 was a significant year for me: I started secondary school; I was given my first car, an MOT failure 1972 Mini 1000 (the advantage of living on a farm); and most significantly, I drove my first BMW, a three week old 320iSE.