Dearly departed

It's an unfortunate truism that all good things must come to an end. And whilst I adored my M5, warts and all, in the end the roses had to be smelt and it had to make way for something slightly more wallet-friendly.

June 2010

Used the CL for a trip to South Wales this month. No heroics, no back-road blasting, just a relaxed cruise down the M4.

A Northern Blast

Early-morning light breaking over the Lake District. Having been holed-up in our favourite retreat for the past few days, we're now 'making progress' south.

M5 – a numbers game

Allow me to bring you into my E39 M5 world by listing some figures and revealing their significance over the course of this entry: 400, 400, 30, 21, 369, 800, 900, 250, 150

Off to meet the Stig

A while back a powercut ground my office to a darkened halt. After an hour of jokes about paying the electricity bills we abandoned the office to work from home.
You may be wondering what this has to do with my M Coupe...