Peak power

Mid June and my good friend Matt H and I set about replacing the standard, rather under dampened dampers with the ex-Superlight dampers I had purchased in May (see entry no. 2).

Yoof attention

"… After a great day harassing everything on track (well maybe not the Radical) we had a pleasant cruise back to Manchester basking in the sunshine, it is days like this that the 7 was born…" (see entry no. 2)

Back in Anglesey

With the winter weather over I have been itching to get DNF out of storage and enjoy some open topped motoring after being relegated to a diesel van over the winter.

Radical commuter

The Caterham 7 has been stuck in my consciousness for as long as I can remember. When visiting my extended family as a child I used to walk down to the Caterham show room and press my nose up to the glass, in awe of the little racecars.