Now this is more like it.

I think it was after about 20 that I stopped counting, or even noticing, to be honest. Maybe 30. Especially when the weather is warm, the windows are down, and you’re sat burbling away at a set of lights.

Hot Hatch Heaven

I was at the 2008 British Motor Show press day when Ford unveiled the Focus RS. It looked incredible up on its stage, finished in that garish bright green and I knew right there and then that I needed that car!

Ford Fiesta Zetec

Firstly I know what you're thinking, "Why has he bought it in baby sick green?" It's what I hear quite a lot, but there's a bit of a reason behind my choice...

Big Fiesta time!

Having just written-off an 800cc Fiat Cinquecento (in an unsuccessful introduction to black ice), the arrival of my five-door Ford Fiesta encore heralded a new exotic chapter in my motoring career.


Following my encounter with a dozy Focus driver on that sweltering July day I rang Birmingham VW to find out where they sent cars for approved body shop work. I should have known this would be far from cheap.