Thank you Santa !

There are times in one's life where you really have a craving for something; an "itch", as it's often referred to as...

Itches are good, they are the perfect stimuli for ambition and perseverance. But often, those itches don't last long.
Or do they?

I’ve been Tango’d!

Thursday 24th September was the culmination of nearly a year of childlike anticipation, as I picked up my Lamborghini LP670-4 SV. I cannot thank the guys at Automobili Lamborghini and Lamborghini London enough.

Going continental

Jim the Bentley was pretty certain the temperature issue was over with the fan repair. He'd tried his best to cook the car and it was having none of it, the temperature steadfastly refusing to go beyond 90 degrees however long the car was left running.

Temperature rising

Don't tell anyone but I actually did some work myself on the Lamborghini in May 2006. With tools. Something that has always irked me a bit about Espadas is how they can often look wonky in photos if you catch the wrong angle.