Resistance is futile

Emotions are a significant aspect of supercar ownership and first manifest themselves on that fateful day when you finally give in to your childhood urge to do something REALLY STUPID (assuming all the other things you'd formally done were merely MODERATE

Bull running

It's difficult, impossible even, to present an unbiased view of a car you've actually shelled out hard cash for, so I won't bother. Instead, let's look at the cold facts.

Never say never

A Lamborghini Diablo is one of those cars I never saw myself owning. I sniffed round them (the SV) in 1995 and concluded the interior was pretty grim and the driving position/ experience underwhelming. "A showy waste of road space".

The obsession

I'm a great believer that despite kidding myself I am, at all times, the master of my own destiny, the really special things in life find you, rather than the other way around.