The daily grind

The clocks changing signals the start of around 5 months of rarely driving in daylight. This is a slight issue in the Lotus as the battery clock I had stuck to the interior -due the car not having one- doesn’t have a back light...

Honeymoon period over…

I got it back this morning, the heater blower is actually now pretty damned effective and they've even cured the rattle. What it isn't doing is making me want to experience this car out of warranty.

A motoring icon

I remember when I first saw the Lotus Elise. I was with my brother at a motor show. As I peered into the cockpit I said, "so, you're buying a car that doesn't even have an interior?". To which he muttered something about weight and I shook my head.

Take a tea towel

The day I picked the car up the heavens opened, and not just regular rain. That October evening saw rainfall of Amazonian proportions with my new pride and joy shod in some very lightly-grooved rubber.