A new beginning

A long time ago, before Gran Turismo was a gleam in Yamauchi's eye, before Initial D sanctified RWD, before I was out of shorts let alone behind the wheel, I read in Autocar & Motor about the latest in the nineties wave of science-fiction Japanese sports

Light and White

Exactly a year ago I was woken by my alarm at 4am. I’m not a morning person, but then this was no ordinary day. I rolled out of the flat and into a taxi to Bristol airport. Most car purchases, especially for students, don’t start with a flight!

Steer from the rear!

After selling my Audi 1.8t Sport I was in the market for something different. There was nothing wrong with the Audi, it was just a bit dull and after running it for 13 months, (a lifetime in cars for me!) it was time for a change.

The first 6 months

I've owned my RX8 for 6 months now, but prior to the Mazda, I'd had 2 Focus STs in succession, so was used to a torque laden engine. The Mazda is obviously a bit different - have I clicked with it?

8 Months on…

I've only racked up 3500ish miles since I got it but i've enjoyed every one I can remember! I'd loved to have had the time to do double that mileage and taken the car on circuits and roads where I could've really pushed it along.