My New Merc!

First time in over 20 years that I have not had a company car. I needed a semi decent looking car for my job, which does involve about 25,000 miles per annum. After a look at the obvious 3 Series, A4 and C class, I decided a C class was in order.

The SL55 meets a CS

I had a free morning today so I got up early and headed out to one of my favorite roads that has 15+ miles of switchbacks, decreasing and increasing radius turns and lots of elevation changes. Nirvana!

Braker Braker

Going fast is all well and good and modifying your car to go quicker can be great fun but for me, stopping is also high up on the ‘important’ list!

April 2010

I read somewhere recently that longer-term storage for Mercs was not necessarily a good idea, and that the cars are better for regular use. Of course, I insisted that having the CL locked-up in an air chamber was fine...