Confessions of an AMG virgin

I had always admired Mercedes Benz automobiles, but I never really wanted one. They really weren’t performance oriented, they didn’t handle that well and they were for… you know… old guys!

Rumbling on

It's sadly true that most good things must come to an end. So, after 18 months of enjoyable ownership, it's time for the E500 to find a new home.

Pure Engineering

It was whilst sitting in my office, listening to yet another conference call and staring wistfully through the window, that it occurred to me how similar in appearance modern cars are.

Major service and new discs

As expected there has been a fair bit of cash flowing out since the last journal and it's only a few thousand miles till it needs servicing again, although this time it will hopefully be just an oil and filter change.

The mini-cab that roared

Well, this stealthily demure Mercedes saloon must surely be one of the ultimate Q-cars. A sine qua non for the perfect South London bank heist. I feel like I should drive everywhere with a pair of sawn-off Purdeys (the heresy) on the passenger seat.

Presenting The Duchess

"The Duchess" is my 1987 Type W126 Mercedes-Benz 560SEL. The 560SEL is a car that, in the 80s, was dubbed "The Addams Family Dragster" by Autocar, and some years later named as the greatest saloon car of all time by Sir Stirling Moss.

First European trip

My first real Europe trip! I had wanted to go for ages and had planned a couple previously but they were both cancelled at the last minute due to car problems. I hoped the Hewn-From-Granite Merc wouldn't let me down and it sure didn't.

The Howitzer!

I was after something new. I had previously owned a throttle bodied 405, a MK1 Golf GTI, and a Diesel Golf. I decided I wanted a larger and more interesting car. So the search was on…