A year and a bit so far with a 350z GT

Growing up I had an outline of the types of car that I really wanted to own and experience, I’ve always been drawn to the seductive shapes of coupe’s, even in my automotive design degree all my sketches were 2 doors rarely adding another door outline

Why I’ve lost out to the GTR

During 20 years of car ownership I've had a terrible and expensive habit of changing cars every few months. Whilst the more economically sane driver would have wised up years ago, I've never learnt my lesson. Until now that is...

Love at First Drive

I'm not an especially sentimental bloke but, contrary to some stereotypical preconceptions, something about this car grabs you and won't let you loose...

Fade to Grey…

So, after nearly two blissful years, it's time to say farewell to Godzilla 2.
Yes, it's for sale. £42,495 or near offer. Any enquiries, please contact me via the site.

Introducing: Purple ZIlla!

Long term evo magazine readers will remember Godzilla (1) which was my 1997 Nissan R33 GT-R V-spec. Midnight Purple was my only choice for the R33 and I still loved the dark metallic aubergine paint scheme even as the rest of the car grenaded around me.

The 350Z ownership experience

We've all read the great reviews of the Nissan 350Z back when it was first launched. Journalists and enthusiasts alike loved its execution of a front engined rear wheel drive sports coupe. But how does a 350Z feel now over 7 years after it was launched?