Return to the RIng

Last month’s outing at Bedford Autodrome took Godzilla 2 to the 1000 mile mark which meant it needed to have its free post running-in inspection service.

10 months in..

I took delivery of my Ivory Pearl GTR Premium (USDM) back on August 5th 2008. 10 months later and I have already transformed the car.

Anyone, anytime, anywhere.

No, not the cheesy 70’s Martini adverts, but the mission statement Nissan has proclaimed for the GT-R.

For men like me though -who actually ARE driving gods- it could be a disincentive to buying the car; why have one that “anyone” can drive well?

The Lake District Revisited

After an emotional and premature end to my last foray in the Lake District, I swiftly organised another adventure. With the prospect of tourists hindering our progress later in the day, my friend and I opted for a 7am start.