Trevor Europe Express

One of the perks of TVR ownership is the social scene surrounding these machines. Better call my insurance broker to amend my annual mileage ceiling, then...

Making it better

Given that my last A-J entry was all a bit misty-eyed, I thought I should contrast it with something a bit more pragmatic in this entry and recount some of the jobs I've done to get the Cerbera to optimal condition.

Foreign Fun & Jolly Japes

With many UK road trips and a Le Mans trip now under its belt, it was time to test the Cerb’s abilities in a more combative arena - yep it was time to get some track time and where better than the daddy of them all, the Nordschleife.


While the notion back in 2000 had been to swap the 4.5 and the Red Rose Tuscan for the 'new' TVR in 2001, things had changed by 2005.

The daftest thing

During my second year of Cerbera ownership, I took the Tuscan race car out of play for a nut'n'bolt rebuild and learned to ride a horse. A change is as good as a rest.