Fright night

Although I had planned to trade my Cerbera 4.5 and Tuscan for the ultra-TVR, when it came to it, I just couldn't face letting the 4.5 go.

The Big Adventure, Part 2

After a lap of the GP circuit, it was goodbye to Monaco and the tour headed to Italy on the "Italian Tunnel Run". Truck drivers hooted and waved their appreciation as I flew by - the Espada was home!

The Big Adventure, Part 1

2007 was my Espada's 30th Anniversary and to celebrate it I was taking it on its longest ever voyage. Over 3,000 miles through 5 countries, up and down countless mountains: The 2007 FB5K Alpine Tour.

It grew on me…

The first time I saw a TVR Cerbera was in a magazine. I didn't like it. Not being a fan of the looky-likey-MGB TVR Chimaera, a long wheelbase version with a leadsled roof hardly improved the proposition. The doors were too big as well.

On the road at last

When we left you, our intrepid hero had just financially ruined himself bringing a case of chassis rot on the Cerb back from the dead. £9000 pounds down on top of the purchase price and I was still yet to extend my right foot on the pedal.

The Leap of Faith

Had I been more endowed in the gonad department I might well have had that seductive shape of a Cerbera on my driveway 3 years earlier; the head had overruled the heart back then and instead I bought the more sensible, albeit still enjoyable Chimaera.

Risky business

My first "fast" car was a 1.9 205 GTI which I loved and then that got stolen; after a brief grieving period and money saving exercise, I ended up with a Porsche 944 S2 which again was a good choice for the time and certainly more of a special driving expe

One of a kind

Vying for position with my Espada, this car is probably my crown jewel. Chairman Yu approached me about writing for Auto-Journals when I was in this car at Virginia Water early in 2006.