Pedro the Supercar

Today Pedro became a "supercar" probably the first VW Beetle to acheive such aclaim, except maybe Herbie.

The Petrolhead Nirvana gang invited me to display him at Supercar Sunday at the Gaydon motor heritage centre.

Rally prep

It's my birthday! Can you guess what Wallenius Lines shipping have brought for me?
Pedro is in the UK and has cleared customs! He has to be MOT'd, UK registered and taxed before I can drive him so it's off to the docks with a trailer.

And now, Italy

The Lupo is still a Fun car spelt with a capital F. I have been on a fantastic adventure for this Journal; a short hop along the coast and across a bit to Italy, specifically to Modena, for an old school friend's wedding.

Still in France

Remember that episode of Top Gear last year when Monsieurs Clarkson, Hammond and May took three super cars to Paris and had a merry old time doing a few laps of the Arc de Triomphe?

But mostly in France

Last entry I confessed that I was having a love affair with my Lupo GTI, this entry I must shamefully confess that object of said affair has sat in a garage for nearly 5 months, unused and denied the activity she loves the most, thrashing about.