Time To Journal!

shiny24_4aaa135ef1852-lightboxFor the most part it has been an excellent fun car, but and it’s a big “but” we didnt have a smooth start.

Within the first two weeks of owning the car, the turbo went along with all the other turbo related parts due to an error by the dealer when doing the service. Now for most people, they would say that that’s it, no deal give me my money back. But I decided that this car needed another chance and I was right to do so as when I got her back she was better than when I had driven her on the test drive.

Over the following months we did have a few other hiccups along the way that all got resolved but it’s French and it has to have its quirks.

On the first weekend after getting the car back from being repaired for its dead turbo, I had the annual French car show at Rockingham to attend. Being an avid track day fan I purely went to see what the car could do and I was very impressed. To say the least, there was a bit too much body roll and the ESP cut in a lot, but these could be resolved with a bit of tinkering.

Which is precisely what I did, and it wasn’t long before the next performance car Action Day at Castle Combe and it was time to see what she could do there. Sadly she was still a bit of a boat and that anoying ESP was still cutting in too much, but I got to know what the car was capable of and was able to overtake several, more powerful, petrol cars too.

This year, the C4 has done 3 performance car Action Days at Combe with the next one only a week away :).

She has also done a tour of Scotland, which was the most enjoyable driving week of my life. If you ever go you have to visit the Applecross Pass!

The Citroen was also meant to go to the Ring this year but had epic fuelling failure so couldnt go, but there’s always next year…

I’ve also done countless hoons with my best driving mates.

And now that she has her ITG replacement panel filter and remap she should be pushing about 175bhp, if not a bit more, and we’re going to be dyno’d soon to find out the figures. I also have just collected my nice new Spax fully adjustable coilovers which should get rid of the roll :).

More entries coming soon from me and Zara (the C4’s nickname!).




Nick Williams