End of season

DSC_1723_4adb96129e920-lightboxZ06 was great all year.  I also run a GTR on the road and track and I keep on getting asked which one I like better.  I don’t know.  I like ’em both.  Getting into the Corvette is like putting on a pair of comfortable slippers.  It is certainly cheaper to run on track compared to the GTR.  It doesn’t need fancy transmission fluid or other exotic liquids to keep its guts running well.  It still doesn’t have any rattles or squeaks.

If I was forced to make a Sophie’s choice and give up one of my children, which would it be?  Another question I’m asked.  Don’t ask me.  I don’t know.  I’d probably go into bargaining mode and give up my 1999 Oldsmobile Silhouette van with rust and non-functioning gauges.

I still track it with the run flats.  I was out today with a bunch of normally aspirated 944 race cars.  These are uber machines; even though they might have piddly engines, they have spring rates in the thousands and they stick to the track like bird crap on paint.  I was out with a fellow instructor running behind him….of course I could’ve passed him and be done with it, but I wanted to see how the car fared in the corners of Mosport against his.  He is able to maintain more speed in the corners, no doubt.  But this is a car that is 700 lbs lighter compared to my comparatively portly street car on street tires. Of course on the straights, there was no contest…

Overall, this is still one great car.




Abe Reinhartz