Saving money through mods

DSC_1682_4a308b58da959-lightboxIt was most embarassing.  There I was, 7 litres of virility reduced to a flaccid, sputtering Trabant in a millisecond as I drove off the track onto the grass and waiting for help.  The session started off with half a tank of gas, but 45 minutes of full throttle will drain that pretty quickly.  I thought I had blown the engine given all the talk about oil starvation in track driven Zs, but I was on the runflats still and even though I had coil overs I didn’t think that they generated THAT much more cornering force while on the runflats.  The car started up and I drove in after the session and exited the car with my tail between my legs.

The good thing about runflats is you can drive home on them.  That’s why I’ve resisted the temptation to do what I’ve usually done, blow a wad of dough on another set of wheels and R compound tires.  I’ve been there done that.  The car is a blast the way it is.  So, I’m no longer a hard core trackie with extra equipment.  I’m now milque toast, but I’ve been married for almost 30 years so that’s nothing new.

But the rear brakes were done.  I had a StopTech kit in front and had a lot of pad left when I started, but the rears were down to the backing plates.  I thought…jeez, how much can rear pads be?  A small fortune I found out.  About 800 bucks Canadian.  What?  Yup.  Replacement pads for the front are 175.  So, as I explained to my wife, honey, we’ll be saving money, I got a big brake kit for the back.  Hopefully it will go on before next track day.

Getting into the Z06 is like slipping on an old comfy pair of shoes, but it smells much better.  It shares the garage with a 2010 GTR.   Which do like more?  I love both my children….




Abe Reinhartz