American Cops aren’t so Bad…

102207004uy6_4cc8fb8f4a606-lightboxSo off I went for some take out. And of course I hit my favorite twisty bits…

On the way back I took this great section that has a sharp left, followed by a downhill, sweeping, high speed right that heads uphill into another right-left. It’s only about 2 miles, but in Phoenix you gotta take what you can.

As I hit the left, the road is dead empty, so I figured I would give it some welly! I am gathering speed Stradale fast (with the windows down and digging the F1 music), and as I get ready to nail the apex of the downhill section, my Valentine One tells me that I am about to spend some time in traffic school! On the carbon ceramics I stomp, and cruise past my maybe ‘new friend’. Let me tell you that it’s very hard to be inconspicuous in the CS, as it is very loud. But as I head up the hill, I don’t see any lights, and for a fleeting moment I thought about stomping on it to make a quick getaway. But I didn’t feel like being on an episode of Cops and, as I said, this thing is almost F1 loud. So I continued at a reasonable pace.

What seemed like hours later, I see some red and blues behind me, so I pull over and prepare for my tongue lashing. When he approached the car, he asked me if I knew why he pulled me over. I suggested that he was probably bored and wanted some company and talk about cars, and I flashed a toothy grin. Stone faced, he took my license and headed back to his car. I figured that this was going to be ugly, as I wasn’t exactly crawling when the V1 went off.

Here he comes, but I don’t see a ream of paperwork. He hands me my license and starts talking about the ‘line’ I had through the corner, and then he wanted to know if this was the ‘racing version’ without the radio. We talked cars, Ferraris, braking zones and apexes for the next 10 minutes, before he let me know the speed he got me at. He then told me to watch for animals and have nice night. My pounding heart retreated from my throat, and I head for home.

This wasn’t a kill, but it sure felt like a win! That was a good Saturday night.   Next entry….. track day.




Dino Micalizio