Getting the Ferrari Boys Out

AZSupercarTrackDay_503a7fdf767b9-lightboxSince my last writing I’ve joined a group of enthusiasts who (for fun) decided to take over the Ferrari Club and introduce some events other than their usual P.P.E. series, otherwise known as Posing, Parking and Eating!  Much to my surprise I got volunteered to be the Director of Activities.  These guys don’t know what they are in for!

I had never quite understood guys that dream of getting a Ferrari, and finally get one, only to never actually drive it as intended…. or actually even drive it at all.

Getting a group of Ferrari guys together and you would think that V-max, late apexing and trail braking would be the topics.  But in many circles, it’s more about who has the lowest mileage and which restaurant has the best parking.  Not the group that I tend to gravitate to, but I think with a little coaxing I can get these guys to heat up their carbon ceramics a bit and actually learn what this stuff is really all about.

After an inordinate number of socials and dinners, this lot is really a good set of blokes, they just don’t know what they are missing yet.  A few fully booked mountain drives where the little CS made short work of lots of much heavier metal, that theoretically should leave me for dust, brought the chatter from wine vintage, to “How the hell did you do that”?

That conversation quickly lead to track days and drivers education events.  Much to the surprise of the local dealer, it wasn’t long before I had 20+ guys chomping at the bit for some track time!  That’s almost 10% of the membership.  Nothing like taking it to some big egos in 599s, Scuderias and the odd F40 and Enzo to generate some desire.

Now I actually had to pull the track event off.  The more I looked at the details, the more it looked like I needed a small army to help pull this off, if I was going to have any fun at all.  Enter The Arizona Supercar Track Day Club.  They just happened to be having a track ‘morning’ in the AZ Summer heat.  If you are going to do a track day in August, it has to be done early, else you and your car will melt in the 115 F heat of the day.

Even with only a few days notice, I managed to get eight guys to sign up for a 6am to 10am track day.  AZ Supercar Track Club supplied the logistics, instructors and corner workers, I supplied some very excited track day rookies.  So with helmets in hand, out to the track they went.  I was ready to do some instruction if needed, but fortunately there were plenty to go around.  So, all I had to do was go clip some apexes!

At the end of the day the guys found out that there was nothing to be afraid of, it was actually safer that fighting the soccer moms on the freeway, and it is just about as much fun as you can have with your clothes on!

Their learning curves were steep, and it was obvious that their speeds were coming up and lap times were dropping.  How did I do?  At the end of the day, I was still leaving them for dead…. but I did have to be a bit more sharp.  I think word will spread how much fun was had and the next event will be a sell out.  I can’t wait!




Dino Micalizio