The CS vs 2 chicks and a Corolla!


IMG_0764_4c92532d7570f-lightboxWhile I was driving rather ‘spiritedly’, I ran into no challengers….. only polite people who all seemed to be in a hurry to get out of the way…. Thank you very much! But after a good drive or a day at the track, the ride home is sedate. And this day was no different.

I was taking the highway back and cruising in the left lane at a leisurely 85, which was just moving with the flow. What do I see i my rear view, but two twenty-something girls in a Corolla….. about a foot from my bumper! I moved to the right to let them through. They pulled next to me, cell phone cameras firing, and waved hello. I waved back and then they moved in behind me. I changed lanes again….. and so did they.

I finally figured that I was going to have a tail, so I got back in the left lane and kept going, with my two happy Ferrari fans in tow. Sometimes these highway cruises can be boring, and I was beginning to drift off until the car in front of me moves over and gives me a surprise!

As he darts to the right I am staring at the remnants of a very large truck tire. Time to wake up and REACT! There was a car next to me in the middle lane, so I blipped down two gears, accelerated and slalomed the tire and down the road I go, no drama…… just a little more awake.

I glance in my mirror and notice that the girls were attempting the same move…… in a Corolla! Their first jog to the right resulted in massive understeer….. followed by massive oversteer, several 360’s and in a cloud of dust off into desert they went.

I got off and circled back around to see if they were OK. When I arrived I saw a very dusty Toyota, and a couple of girls needing a change of underwear….. swearing never to tailgate a Ferrari ever again!




Dino Micalizio