Ford Fiesta Zetec

4_4b43da30e1b41-lightboxSo I bought it in May 2008 as a bit of a treat to myself, age 18 with only 4 months of driving and it was going to be an expensive insurance quote, but I wasn’t bothered, it was different to what’s about on the roads.

The first time I ever saw the colour I thought “What were they thinking, buying it in that colour?” Then when I actually went to look at a few at the local Ford dealer, this one stuck out like a very sore thumb, a sore thumb I quite liked. In a row of black, navy and silver Fiestas this one just looked so good (and at the time very very well priced).

So after the test drive the deposit was put down and and boy did I start to get worried about the comments. “Baby diarrhea green” was the most comical one, but I like it and to be honest, that’s all that matters.

So then, the moment you’ve all been waiting for: the specs of this might road burner!

1.4 Zetec with a massive 97bhp! When you’re eighteen, a 1.4 is just about the biggest engine insurance-wise. With climate pack and technology pack (auto lights and wipers, MP3 ), I picked up a low mileage 1 year old car for the price of a 4 year old model basically because of the colour, which is fine by me!

Driving it. Well to be honest, I think it’s great! Upon driving it the first time, I was very gentle on the throttle as I wanted to get used to it, but I remember the first time I gave it the “full Beans” off a roundabout and how “powerful” it felt, to me, it was awesome and I was grinning like a small child.

I found any excuse to just go out and drive in the following months and just basically throwing lots of miles on it and still wasn’t getting bored of it! So then, about 5000 miles later, new tyres on the fronts were needed (oops!) so I opted for a tyre I had never heard of before, Yoko Parada spec-2s. They are fantastic and have even doubled as an acceptable snow tyre and have so far up until this date have never let me down.




Jack Pearson