lupogti6_3_4920acea8db9f-lightboxBut as the damage was limited to hair line cracks in the front part of the bumper and scratches I thought it wouldn’t be too bad. I was rather shocked when the chap that assessed the car claimed it would be around the £950 mark! I wish a camera could have captured the damage, as perhaps that would give you an idea how relatively minor it actually was.

The lady in the Focus had offered to pay upfront for the repair costs following a quote, but I would have been outraged myself if I’d had her pay such a cost so I went looking for somewhere that wasn’t attempting to make a buck out of the insurance industry.

As with most of the best advice in life, a tip off came from my Dad who’d had some scratches taken out of his TT and been very pleased, so I had the company take a look. Located in sunny Tipton and not appearing to be cowboys, SmartCare came up with a quote of £200, which seemed much more realistic, so I booked the car in.

I dropped the car off and in return I was proudly presented with their Daewoo Matiz, but I wasn’t complaining, despite its many shortcomings (looks, ride, handling, driving position, engine, brakes, gearbox and interior) it had air con! Despite the car being pretty terrible, it was also strangely fun; skinny tyres and comedy body made for an eventful week of hooning, if not a speedy one.

They had the Lupo for slightly longer than intended, just over a week, but it came back as good as new, a top job with no flaws that I could see and I was most pleased with the results. The cracks were gone and they’d matched the Grey Anthracite paint perfectly. At £950 I’d want a new bumper, at £200 I think it was a good deal.

With the car back, in newly serviced health and looking spotless it was then time to start getting back into the swing of my favourite local B-Roads and a trip into Wales.




Andrew Woodall