The perfect neighbourhood runabout…


Indycar_4da471d1205be-lightboxWhen I bought the Indycar back in 1999, it had to be trailered across the country via enclosed transport.  It was supposed to take a week.  The week came and went.  As did the second.  Apparently, there was some foul weather in Colorado that was ruining my fun.

I was going crazy, wanting to play with my 1550 pound, 750hp knick knack.  A knick knack that was from a ground effect era where the car would make so much downforce that it could actually drive upside down in a tunnel.  Maybe I could find a tunnel…….. if it ever arrives!

When the Indycar finally came off the truck, I invited a mate, who was just as enthusiastic about the car, over to see it. We looked at it, tried it on… petted it. But then we wanted to see if it would start…….. It did!    Well since it started…… and I had a helmet and a fire suit handy, I HAD to see if it would drive!  Wouldn’t you?  You know you would.   So, around the neighborhood I went……. twice!  During the second lap, (after terrifying all the neighbor’s cats, dogs, birds and fish, I spied one lady peering around the corner of her driveway, angrily talking on the phone.  Was I the subject of the call?   As I pull up to the driveway, every father and teenage and sub-teenage boy just happened to be at my house, apparently waiting for me to arrive. Hard to believe they knew where to go, but then again I think I was running an F40, TR, 348, Mondial and an Esprit turbo at the time…

We all chatted and they helped push the car back in the trailer. As we were all hanging around the trailer, sure enough, my friendly neighbor had called the cops, and here came one of Tempe’s finest down the street.    He actually was OK. He got out of the cruiser with a smile on his face. As he walked toward the crowd, it parts, revealing me standing there with race overalls tied around my waist. I figure, I’m dead!    He then said, “I got this whacky call about a race car lapping this neighborhood. Did you guys happen to see anything”? The group, in unison just shook their collective head, “No”.

He thanked us, looked in the trailer, said, “Nice car”, and pulled off, sporting a big grin.  I could still hear my ‘friendly’ neighbor continuing her ballistic rant.  Perhaps we should have unloaded the March for one more lap!




Dino Micalizio