Life has been busy for the Diablo since writing my first entry

diablovt2_4_493bd067b8945-lightboxMy Diablo and I also attended the Auto Italia event at Gaydon Heritage Museum in Warwickshire. I was surprised how many Italian cars showed up and there were at least 20 Lamborghinis.

One of the highlights of my summer had to be a track day I was invited to by Mike Emerton click here for Mike’s Gallardo journal with the UK Lamborghini Club which was held on an airfield at RAF Marham near Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. I went along with an open mind and felt I had nothing to prove and would just go at my own speed. After paying £40.00 for the whole day I put on my crash helmet joined the small queue of various cars and was led by the pace car for a sedate lap of the coned out track.

I felt unnaturally calm when the pace car pulled off the track and then it was full steam ahead! Going round the coned off bends I was going as fast as I felt comfortable with but the massive straight was my favourite bit. As the runway was so wide and long with no buildings nearby it was just so easy to put your foot down and go. On my first lap I glanced down at the speedo while I was on the straight and was amazed I was touching 160mph. So next lap I tried a little harder and reached 170mph. The fastest I have ever been in my whole life and that was with me driving! The Diablo had loads more power to go but I needed either a longer runway or more bravery for me to run it any faster.

The next day the adrenaline-fest carried on as I went along to the Trax meet at Silverstone. This event is aimed at the Fast and Furious crowd (i.e Scoobys, Evos, Skylines etc) and I was the only Lamborghini there, although my car seemed very popular. I decided to participate in the 0-60mph timed course and was very happy in managing 4.32 seconds.

The track day at RAF Marham finished off my two front tyres and driving home from an event a month later one of the front tyres disintegrated completely on the motorway. The RAC were very helpful and the Diablo was taken home on the back of a recovery truck. The 235/35×18 Pirellis were replaced by North Hants Tyres in Aldershot, Hants at a cost of £134 each.

Towards the end of last year I went on the Reims Hoon which incorporated a treasure hunt with clues that needed to be collected along the way and a visit to what is left of the old French grand prix track at Reims.

Top tip to anyone with a low or wide sportscar contemplating using the Eurotunnel – make sure you get put on the single deck carriage. This is the carriage used for coaches and high vehicles and has a wider track. I was extremely annoyed that the Eurotunnel staff directed me onto the regular carriage when it was obvious how low and wide the Diablo is. This resulted in the paint literally being shaved off my wheels. Not a great start to my holiday. On the return trip I made sure I was put on with the coaches so my wheels couldn`t be further damaged.

The wheels have since been refurbished by a company in Birmingham and cost £200 for all 4 wheels.

Other costs incurred since writing my last article include a new Lamborghini petrol cap which my friend forgot to put back on after refilling with fuel. A 100 mile round trip to try and find the cap proved useless as someone had already taken it. This little mistake cost my friend £233.87 for the new petrol cap from Lamborghini, Manchester.

The last proper car event I went to was the Pistonheads meet at Virginia Water, Surrey where I was able to meet up with Jonny5 and Tony Chalupa who both also own Diablo VT`s in Arancio Atlas.

My Diablo is now tucked up in its cosy garage. I will take it out during the winter months but I mostly tend to use my Viper – now that car is a handful!






Jan Pettifor