In the nick of time

P1160066_4b4edcce6df7f-lightboxI have always hankered for that big 4×4 tearing across the Kalahari but never quite got there. Sure, I have driven other people’s, used them with work but owning one? I’m RWD through and through, every car since my first one (Sierra Sapphire 1.8) have always been this way.

But the recent ‘inclement’ weather got me thinking. TVR is in the garage, the Merc has a dodgy reverse gear, meaning a risk if I got stuck. So what do you do? Buy another iconic British marque of course!

This one was only 8 miles from me and the dealer came to the house with the car and I shook there and then. A few things needed sorting namely the lack of diff lock. This was no drama as the dealer got the local specialist to persuade this common problem with a large hammer. This Disco had never been off road and the previous owner had the car since ’01, using it as a town car. Job done the car is now ready for the inevitable: modifying!

God this bug is strong with these; I cannot believe how many parts, options and the sheer cheapness of parts. Already I have some rather lovely bull bars now, a new rear door card and replaced some missing speakers. EGR bypass valve, filters and oil change were fitted yesterday and there’s a decat pipe to fit.

So I look forward to a summer of getting stuck off road and helping tow, cart and drag all manner of things.

Even if it is the slowest car I have ever owned, I LOVE IT…




Alex Daly