2005 MAZDA MX-5 NB Series 4 SE

MXBack_50e9d6f299a57-lightboxThe features remind me of classic British roadsters that hug the curves and crave the back roads. Through the pages and pages of search, and the days of virtual test drives, I finally found an amazing deal on a sporty reliable Mazda. I unearthed just what I was looking for in safety features, drivability, financing, and more.

The moderately price 2-seater draws fans from all walks of life. The whole package combined the latest upgraded safety features including the ABS brakes, traction control, dynamic vehicle stability control, dual airbags, and more. My new car has a full premium leather interior, sports body kit, electric windows and more. The fog lights and air conditioning provide me with luxury while the remarkable fuel economy will allow me to enjoy my new ride without breaking the bank in gasoline costs. I am even excited about the cup and bottle holders.

The interior can be a bit snug but perfect for my short stature and small size and the ample truck is perfect for groceries, shopping, and an overnight bag. I cannot wait to toss my bag in the trunk and dock my iPod and set off on a weekend getaway.

My new Mazda gives me the joy of owning a strong powerful sports car with multiple indulgences I have always wanted. Who doesn’t love the open-air experience, the go-kart like handling and the near bullet-proof repair and reliability characteristics? I feel like a kid racing down the dirt roads of my childhood. The roadworthy inspection provided me with detailed information about the reliability of my Mazda and personalized extended warranty designed to fit my specific needs. Over the hills, down to the beaches, and into the sunset I will go in my new Mazda. This is the car of my dreams and I can’t wait to test every commanding feature of this speedster.  I love my new ride so much I am thinking . . . ROADTRIP! Who wants to join me?




James Helliwell