The ‘difficult’ second 6 months

IMG_19983_4bb0fffb03b6d-lightboxI guess I can’t really complain, the first 10 months of ownership went by pretty hiccup free, the only costs being fuel and oil. That all changed when the Rex went in for it’s 5th year service/MOT.

The service itself was pretty straight forward, being little more than a glorified oil change. The car also sailed through the MOT with an advisory for nearly bald rear tyres (nothing to do with the driver…) However, I’d noticed the car had been vibrating at idle. A quick check of the interweb and a 5 minute inspection of the car confirmed the diagnosis – the drivers side engine mount had partially collapsed. Nothing to do with the fact it sits a couple of inches away from the exhaust manifold, I’m sure.

I purchased an official Mazda part from one of the well known rotary parts dealers on the web and had the mount changed while the car was in for service. Not cheap, but it’s nice to have a car that idles properly again!

This wasn’t the end of the problems though. The car had developed a habit of turning on the coolant warning light after sustained periods of acceleration. Obviously, I checked the coolant level to find it was fine. Another quick check of the owner’s club forum suggested the coolant bottle and its sensor; another known fault.

A diagnostics check at the dealers confirmed the problem, so another few hundred on parts and labour and I once again had a car with no warning lights on!

The above may┬áhave been expensive, but combined with a new set of wider (245 section) rear tyres, have made the car less of a chore to drive. The price of fuel doesn’t help much though…

I toyed with the idea of selling the car once it was fixed, but to be honest, I had no idea what to replace it with. The current plan is to come up with an idea by the end of my insurance year (current plan is to mate a MX-5 and a 200SX…..)

In the meantime, I’ll be enjoying the drive… even the time spent at idle!




Peter Bonnington