Mercedes Approved Used Buying Experience

IMG_0427_4f59f58306ddb-lightboxNow, personally i think buying a used car is not as easy as buying a new one. First of all searching for the right used car takes time, finding the right car in the right colour, right spec, right price point can take months, that’s before you go to see the car hoping the car it is not in bits.

Finded we did, after 3 months of looking we have set our eye on this Mercedes CLS 320 CDI, in silver with grey interior. Options includes heated and vented front seats, heated steering wheel, heated rear seats, command, which makes the car very lovely place to be in.

However there is a big hurdle, in fact a 400 miles hurdle in that. The car is with Mercedes of Edinburgh and i’m in Essex, that’s a long way to go to buy a car. So I took a brave pill and bought the car unseen, and putting a huge amount of faith in Mercedes of Edingburgh and Mercedes Approved Used Sheme, in the hope that the car will be pep to in as new standard and everything are in good working order.

Paperworks were done via e-mail and post, and the two sales guys were very nice and easy to deal with and very helpful (still don’t know what they look like). Thanks Gavin and Tony. After all the paperworks and money side things have all sorted, the car was transported down to our doorstep.

With the car unloaded, and parked on the drive, the car looks fantastic. The bodywork and wheels have no mark on it at all. Than I check the interior, and it is as new, also checking all the electric stuff, and all in working order. Other than the 22k miles showing on the clock, this car is virtually new. And I loved it.

So is it good to buy from Mercedes Approved? Yes definitely! If the car is sold by a independent garage or private I would not have bought it. The peace of mind does worth that extra money that you pay to Mercedes. If you need to buy a use Mercedes unseen, I think that’s the only way to go.




Kai Lo