Cars0072_4b3225d99366b-lightboxYes, you read that correctly. It took nine months to sell this car. First I tried advertising it myself and just got inundated with chancers and Western Union scammers (does anyone really fall for that bull any more?). So then I gave it back to Charles Ironside, the dealer I bought it from, on sale or return. That was at the end of May and it didn’t sell and didn’t sell. I finally ran out of patience in November and took the car back from him as it needed re-taxing and re-MoTing.

The car had already had more money lavished on it over the summer in the form of a re-gas of the air-conditioning and some bodywork repairs to one rear wheelarch to catch a smidgeon of rust that was starting, so I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of shelling out more money on a car I was selling, but MoTs are unavoidable so back it went to the garage. And out it came with a new MoT and a clean bill of health – no advisories (I should hope so too!). So then it was into the classifieds again, which produced a couple of nibbles but no buyers. So, finally, the dreaded eBay it was. And even that took two cracks of the whip. I guess the mega-mileage was the thing putting people off, because it was never short of hundreds of watchers.

But, eventually, it did reach a winning bid from a bona fide Mercedes enthusiast from Somerset (again – seems my cars appeal to West Country folk!) who stumped up the readies and took it away, having I think been delighted to see that it really was as immaculate as advertised.

So an expensive experience, when all’s said and done, albeit not one I regret. I much enjoyed owning it and it is a lovely car. Many people expressed envy during my ownership and said it was a car they’d always wanted. Few, however, actually feel like putting their money where their mouths are. The 500E’s just obviously one for the long haul – buy with caution in the knowledge you may never be able to part with it, whether you like it or not!




Jonathan Malim