Yet another car – by accident!

IMG_1626_4b7d87521203f-lightboxWhat we have here, you see, is a genuine hand-built AMG.

Not a Mercedes, this car was produced by AMG at their Affalterbach premises whilst they were still an independent company. One of approximately 200 E36s, although in right hand drive they were produced in much smaller quantities. To be precise:

24 coupés
14 cabriolets
12 saloons
7 estates

So this is one of the seven right-hand-drive S124 E36s ever made. And it was about to be scrapped!!

My sister’s employer had decided to simply part-ex the car under the government’s ‘wonderful’ scrappage scheme. Thankfully I managed to convince him to let me become the car’s next custodian; both to save it from the crusher and to provide it with the TLC which (in my opinion) it thoroughly deserves. I wonder how many other cars have needlessly been crushed in the government’s quest to boost new car sales…

Quite apart from the rarity value and the wonderful subtlety of such a vehicle is the car’s history; it was purchased by the previous owner as an ex-demo car when it was just two months old for the princely sum of £51,860. He has driven it every day for the last 15 years (or thereabouts) and so the car has a quite remarkable full main dealer service history and has now covered a quarter of a million miles.

So it joins my stable alongside the 130i, the S4, and my three motorbikes. All I have to do now is figure out where to keep it…




Pete Osborne