Fade to Grey…

IMG_13461_4d50041c84f03-lightboxAs you can see, it’s been shorn of its stunning metallic purple wrap. Creative FX of Bromley did a great job in removing the wrap and, as they promised, the dual layer vinyl did an excellent job of protecting the Gun Metal paintwork which looks as good as the day it was covered up.

I also returned to Autofficina in Chessington to get the Akrapovic titanium exhaust system taken off and the standard one put back on (thanks for storing it all this time for me guys!).

It was a simple task to uninstall the Cobb AccessPort and return the ECU to factory tune and of course I’ve put the famous GO02LLA number plate on retention.

I’ve decided to leave the gorgeous Auto Select carbon fibre canards and the Mine’s carbon grill on, along with the (very expensive) Nissan LED daylight running lights, as the labour involved in taking the bumper off and removing them would probably outweigh their value on the second hand market, and I think they make the car subtly stand out.

Likewise the genuine CF pieces on the interior centre console and gearshift surround are going to be left there for the next owner.

So why am I selling what has been undoubtedly been the best car I’ve ever owned?

I was going to replace it with a 2011 GT-R, but unfortunately in a moment of clarity I realised I couldn’t afford the cost to change.

And having spent the best part of £1500 getting this car in good shape to sell, I am not inclined to spend even more money putting it back to previous spec.

So through no fault of its own, it is sadly time to say goodbye. However I have no doubt I will be back in a GT-R at some point in the future. They’re too good to stay away from…




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