Godzilla Strikes Back!

Workshop_4f747e9d81970-lightboxLet me start this entry with an apology. An apology to you, dear readers for keeping you waiting in suspense this long without an update, and most of all an apology to Godzilla 2 for ever considering selling it.

Yes, it’s still here and more fantastic than ever.

Ever since my epiphany that made me realise I could not sensibly afford the beautiful Daytona blue 2011 GT-R I’d ordered as a replacement from Middlehurst Motorsport last year (see previous entry “Fade to Grey on the left sidebar), I was left in a quandary as to what to replace Godzilla 2 with.

When it thankfully failed to sell for anywhere near what I wanted for it, I decided to keep it rather than let it go for an insultingly low price.

Of course I wasn’t happy keeping it standard when I had been used to driving it at 612hp before, but luckily Iain Litchfield of Litchfield Imports took pity on me and put my Akrapovic exhaust, Cobb air intake and Injector Dynamics 1000cc/min injectors back on for an extremely reasonable price when I decided to take the GT-R there for its 24 month service back in May 2011.

Since then it’s been business as normal with participation in various supercar charity events during 2011 and of course another visit to the Nurburgring as well as a couple of UK track days.

However recently the modding itch  has returned stronger than ever, and now I’ve got over my post-failing-to-sell remorse, I’ve decided to take advantage of the money I “saved” by not buying the new car, and “invest” it in this one, albeit over a prolonged period.

So seeing as the major weak point of the car has been its propensity to overheat its expensive transmission fluid within a few laps of any track day, I took the plunge and ordered a Forge Motorsports transmission cooler and a larger alloy header tank for good measure.

A return visit to Litchfield’s for a (rather late) 30 month service in February saw the parts fitted by Iain’s expert team who have installed a lot of these coolers since they were released.

I’m pleased to say the results have been excellent so far, with a recent two day event at the Nurburgring on the longer Nordschleife + GP longer layout showing that max gearbox temps have been brought safely under control from a very high 132c last October without cooler to a breezy 113c with the cooler.

You can hear the pump kick in reassuringly when it hits 100c and it keeps whirring until the trans oil (of which the cooler and associated piping also holds an additional 2 litres, which helps) is brought back under 90c, which it does quite rapidly if you back off.

The additional 2 litres of engine coolant in the header tank, combined with a higher pressure SpecV radiator cap helped keep coolant temps down to 90c even under duress.

All in all, it was an excellent addition and means that fuel is the main reason I need to pull into the pits now (3 laps of the Ring!) rather than spiralling temperatures.

Next entry, I will detail some of the further “optical tuning” I have indulged in, starting with that stunning matte finish…




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