I’ll take some vaseline with that

3960530162_fa2a23d69c_4ace93b176126-lightboxThere was a private lapping day where groups alternated every half hour.  When people used to talk about their boats and how they used up $500 of fuel for a day, I laughed.  Then I got the GTR.  I’m not laughing anymore.  It’s a thirsty bugger at full throttle.

It’s expensive to track.  The tranny temps go above 120C which means that the tranny fluid needs changing.  Might as well change the oil and the diff fluid while in there.  So it winds up to be a rather proctologic few grand of hard earned Canadian bucks to keep the car lubricated.  I should do so well.

Then I got an email from the service manager saying I needed new pads and rotors all around.  That will be 8 grand please.  I gently inquired about his recreational drug use and whether hallucinogens are in the coffee at the dealership.  The rotors needed “replacing” because the little holes were filled with brake dust and there were little cracks around the holes….every car I’ve ever had with drilled rotors has had that (I prefer slotted), so that was a nonstarter.  The pads were done.  They wanted 2500 for pads and a grand per rotor.  Hello, aftermarket.

Still no complaints about the car……




Abe Reinhartz