Love at First Drive

SideViewGTR_4e2476a8c31a3-lightboxBack in early May I somehow found myself, along with the wife, at Middlehurst Motorsport in St. Helens. I can’t actually explain how I ended up there, it’s not exactly close to where I live. Maybe it had something to do with the conversation I’d had on the phone the day before. It went something like….

“I’ve been reading about the 2011 GTR and wondered what sort of wait there is?”

“Well, because of the uncertainties around supply from Japan at the moment, we bought up every one we could find, so we have a few in stock but I sold five last week. You’re probably looking at September/October for a new one if they all go.”

My first defence mechanism was the wife. She wasn’t overly struck by the look of the car from photographs that she’d seen, and I’d certainly need approval from “she who must be obeyed” to spend “stupid money” on a car. Unfortunately that didn’t last long – as we pulled up outside the showroom there was a stunning white one sporting Middlehurst’s N1SMO plate. Much to my surprise, “Wow, that’s gorgeous!” was all that she could say. There was much worse to come – in the dealership itself was parked a Daytona Blue model, a new colour for 2011. I became worried that she’d divorce me and marry the GT-R!

I was off on holiday for three weeks a week after my visit, so I knew that there was no way that they’d hold one for a month – it was a complete waste of time going up to The North in the first place, she’d just have to take pictures. In any case, I hadn’t actually decided that I really wanted one. At least not until the moment that the sales guy said “Want a drive then?”

I don’t believe in love at first sight – but love at first drive is a given with this car. I must have driven around with the stupidest grin imaginable…I even got a thumbs up from a biker at a set of lights, but I’m not sure whether that was because he recognised the car for what it was, or that he thought I was under the influence of something distinctly illegal!

“Actually, I prefer the Recaro interior of the White one” ( the blue had half leather ) “but I really like the blue.”

“Don’t worry sir, we have a Daytona Blue/Recaro in stock.”

They agreed to keep the car for a month on payment of a £3.5k deposit, and so all of the excuses to not buy it had vanished. If I’m honest I was fighting a losing battle from the moment I saw it in the metal…




Adam Hill