Why I’ve lost out to the GTR

IMG_0565_4e27ef802960b-lightboxIt’s now 2 years since I collected the Nissan GTR and it shows no sign of losing my affection or gaining my boredom. Never have I owned a car that stopped me flirting with other cars – it’s like being married to the best woman in the world (which of course I am!).

Even after 24 months and 25,000KM there are still times where its sheer acceleration surprises, makes me smile and then usually giggle like a school boy. It also helps that it’s a relatively rare car so you not only feel like you are driving something special – you ARE driving something special. So, how did ‘special’ end up in my life?

Back in 2008 I started thinking about adding a sports car alongside my family car, an Audi Q7. I made a short list:

* Jaguar XKR – I always wanted a Jag and here was one that I would actually consider owning.

* Porsche 911 S – despite its familiar shape, a car with great presence and a benchmark for others to aspire too.

* Aston Martin V8 Vantage – oh, the power, the beauty, the soul! Hey, that sounds good. Aston should use that…

* Nissan GTR – an incredible instrument of speed and handling.

As much as my heart wanted to be drawn to the British sport cars, the Porsche and Nissan kept at the top of my list just because they’ve carved out a reputation for being, frankly speaking, awesome!

Although the R35 GTR had only just started appearing around the world, it had already shown it could spank the best in the world. And it was that nagging thought of having a chance to actually own a car that was not only top of its class, but was also bullying the much bigger boys – super cars. So, without as much as a test drive, a rather large cheque was written out and the keys to the fastest car I’ll probably own were put in my hand.

A big decision for me, but one that I’ve never regretted… and one that I’m still enjoying today. The GTR still has me firmly in it’s grasp!




Abdullah Hood