The story so far

P200610_14.08_4c31faa73748a-lightboxWelcome to the story of me and my 407 . It was March 2007 and I decided that I needed a new car as my 1998 Peugeot 306 was not enjoying driving all the way across Ireland every couple of weeks. At this time I had just got a job in Dublin and was earning good money so I figured I would go out and buy a fine vehicle that would be the ideal machine to do a 300 mile round trip every couple of weeks ( possibly every week if the mood took me).

So as one might say I did things properly and bought a 407 HDI . I tracked one down in a Peugeot dealer with a high mileage of 80,000 miles!!!!!   I went to view it with some skepticism and was amazed by its condition and the fact that it drove like a car with much fewer miles on it . I cut a good deal on it and they even agreed to take my 306 as a part ex.   (which certainly made things easier as the heater matrix was fooked on the 306, potentially a pricey repair) .

Having owned the car for a couple of weeks, I discovered something I hadn’t noticed on the test drive and that was that it was quicker that I thought it would be . I soon got used to utilising the torque band . And it still amuses me that I have got a large car that can top 125mph and still do 50mpg without trying .

My particular profession (Architectural Technician) was hit particularly hard during the recession so I had to diversify and ended up working in Intel in Ireland doing industrial design . Come July 09 that dried up as well (cheaper labour costs in India).It was while moving out of my house and moving all my worldly possessions home to the west of Ireland that the turbo blew in the car and left me stranded on the motorway. ( not actually stranded thankfully as a friend of mine was travelling in convoy with me). 2 weeks and one horrendous bill later I had the car back.

So after five months unemployed in Ireland, I relocated to the UK in December 09. I then brought the car over in the new year . Driving all the way from Ballina in the west of Ireland to Bournemouth in the South of England on the 3rd January (Bear in mind this was in the middle of THE deep freeze). 3 hour drive in Ireland Getting the ferry from Dublin to Holyhead then a 6 hour drive on British soil.

Next job was trying to renew my insurance in February . i got my best quote from More Than insurance , however they were utterly useless and were unable to insure the car on the VIN number ( this was required because to register the car in GB the DVLA has to see that the car is first insured in GB ) . The people in the More Than call centre couldn’t get their heads around this simple request . Eventually Adrian Flux Insurance got me sorted but I was left totally bemused at the stupidity of More Than insurance .

Now the car has over 130,000 miles on it and is going as well as ever save for rattling suspension bushings ( a legacy of the 120,000 miles it spent on the atrocious Irish roads). It has fulfilled its role well, whatever i have asked from it . It has acted as team bus for football team , family wagon, school run vehicle and all round Gallic express. Despite its size it is quite a good car to hustle along with great turn in, very good body control and unimpeachable grip. The trade off is the knobbly low speed ride which can be annoying in urban driving.




Liam Jackson