I’ve swapped sides

r26_4cb4a1a7abf99-lightboxIt’s been about 6 years since last owning something French. Germans have comforted me in times of need in power and performance. During the 6 years I really haven’t had any really big issues and they just lap up the best the world gives them.

French cars, like their population are slim, attractive, light and flamboyant. But just sometimes they do kick off. The Megane offers cheap fast fun, but with a sense of purpose, decent brakes, amazing handling.

Downsides – mpg could be better, and it broke down at the first track day (clutch pedal) resolved by removing a spring – by hand.

It then brought it all back to me re why I haven’t had a French car for years – customer service – or lack of it etc. It’s almost as if the dealership expects it to breakdown and offers no words to ease your pain. Oh and I don’t like the dam stickers!!




tom orton