A new Experience

IMG_1036_4c9cd2e6c391a-lightboxAfter 3 months in the M3, never once getting a comfortable driving position or feeling a spark with the car, I swapped it for this.

A 2002 Sti Type UK Prodrive Style, and I’m very pleased I did.

Bags of torque, new AWD driving experience for me and tuning options galore. A health check at TFS Racing and then a dyno run with Charlie at Surrey Rolling Road and Simon (Jolly Green Monster) showed the car to be a healthy stage 1.

Although having to already spend on disc and pads was not planned, but needed on what is a very capable car.

So what’s the best way to try a new car? A trip to the ‘Ring of course! See you there next weekend and then I will report back with tales of 4WD antics (maybe).






Alex Daly