6 years ownership experience

181445_484054458332515_1207100992_n_5213e919c7b80-entryImageLater this year it will be time for new registration document. I`m owning my MR2 for past 6 years and after that time you need new document to have space for new MOT stamp. Wonder how many people keep their cars for that long. I started my owner experience in college. First I had red early model that gave me much pleasure but was in average shape. Then I moved to letter model (upgraded engine, gearbox etc) which I always wanted. In past 6 years I made 50k kilometers in it with no major fault besides broken clutch while I was trying to catch up with race prepared BMW e30 on race truck. Eventually it wouldn’t`t end up any better.


For past few years I`m taking this car to track days and amateur racing (sprints) . There is an unfair reputation that MR2 is tricky on the limit especially on the wet. How ever one time I managed to win my class, and be 8th overall within over 100 cars on wet conditions. Sure beginnings where not easy but once you learn the car it can be very usefulĀ and rewarding on the track.


Love to take this car for road trips, fuel economy is ok, no matter how fast you go it always returns almost same millage. Best thing about it is that after that 6 years of owning it I never been sleepy while I was driving it, its hard to say it about Mercedes.


After all, I only wish it could look slightly better. Its spacious, comfortable but loud, involving to drive, nimble etc but it doesn’t`t win my heart the way it looks. I like interior very much but exterior was design with few compromises. Well you cannot have all. Once I was talking to my friends who have Firebird and Fiat x1/9. Its such joy to look at those cars but letter on I discovered that Fiat breaks all the time, Pontiac has different faults while my MR2 drives well, turns well and even doesn’t cost that much to run, if only it could look as good as other two.


Future plans, keep it stock or convert it too track day weapon, still haven`t made my mind. Now I wonder for how many years I will still keep it.


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Michal Siewior

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