Disaster strikes

IMG_6690_49b03bde240a5-entryImageWhat a disastrous weekend.

Got in Sakura on Saturday morning to find the clutch pedal went right to the floor and can’t engage any gears. Got a leak somewhere, although we had been feeling that the clutch was failing and Phil had planned to fix this next weekend in preparation for a sprint we were going to do at the Lotus test track. We are unable to do this sprint in Humphrey due to MSA regulations, basically you need a cage if your car is stripped out, or you need a proper dash, and carpets etc!

So, with plans to fix Sakura next weekend, we set off to Phil’s parent’s as his family was over. I was designated driver, so spent the night on J2O and water! I went back to his mums for a little sleep whilst he got drunk with his family. The plan was for me to drive back home with him when he was ready as we were going to Snetterton on the Sunday. Phil came and woke me up about 11:30 and we got ready to go home. There is a small doorstep on Phils mums front door, which I managed to miss in my tired state, and fell flat on the ground. I felt like I had put my right foot down a hole, and upon inspection saw my foot was facing the wrong way to my leg :/ Cue a drnken Phil having to lift me back into the house and call an ambulance!!!

So, to cut a long story short, I’m in the ambulance breathing lots of lovely gas and air and getting very giggly. When I get to the hospital, they have to sedate me to put my leg back into the right shape and then X ray to find I have broken both my ankle and my leg, and I need surgery in order to put pins and a plate in there! Phil left me at about 5am Sunday morning and I was scheduled for surgery at about 8.

I’m not a morning person, especially after lots of painkillers and no sleep so I really can’t remember much about going into surgery. I remember a conversation with the doctor about his son driving MG’s in the MG challenge, which probably relaxed me a little, but nothing much else. When I came out of surgery I was even worse. I couldn’t see properly and didn’t know where I was, but the hospital managed to call Phil who arrived as soon as he could, which was nice.

I spent the Sunday in hospital, and was told I could go home on the Monday once the doctors had seen me. This happened at about 5pm so I was lolling around in bed most of Monday feeling sorry for myself.

I have the cast on until next Monday, when I have to go back for an x ray to see if everything is ok, and then a new cast. (Its orange and matches a shoe I have so it’s ok)

No one’s really given me an idea of when I’ll be able to drive again but it looks like I’m out of the championship this year. So roll on next year!!




Vix Hoult