15 minutes of fame

DSCF0024_4de3be774a877-lightboxSince owning the Toy I have had some great driving adventures and also some non driving adventures

I was invited to exhibit ‘The Toy’ at the National Autosport Exhibition at the  Birmingham NEC at the beginning of this year.  This came at an opportune time for me, I had just been made redundant and the show was a much needed ego boost.

Getting there was interesting as it was the time when the entire British Isles shut down due to snow.  However, Wifey and I made the journey, me in ‘The Toy’ and Wifey in the family bus.  Upon getting there, we were asked to wash the dirt and snow from our cars ready for the valet guys to give them a quick buff up before the show.

Now, my car is low, sleeping policeman (are we still allowed to call them that?) are an issue and as I approached the car washing area, the front splitter on my car brushed the top of the snow.  I hear the sweet sound of a high performance car and look to see a Lotus Exige parting the snow with the front splitter!  That was low!

David Yu also made good use of the snow by checking PurpleZilla’s snow drifting capability in the empty car park!  I had my anti drift setting firmly activated, I duly cleaned the car and parked it in the NEC.  (Curiously, the Brabus Roadster Coupe has an ‘anti-drift in an empty snow filled car park’ setting – it’s called
Wifey with the keys to my ride home!)

‘The Toy’ was in good company with a; Mercedes SL63 AMG, an Ariel Atom, PurpleZilla, several Lotus Exige and a FIA GT2 Ferrari 360 plus many more!  It could well have been the cheapest, most eccentric car there but for 2 days, people walked passed my pride and joy and it was famous!

Leaving was also fun but with V8’s, flat 6’s, V12’s surrounding my little motor, I didn’t participate in the sound off.  It was fun and I hope that I get to do it again.

‘The Toy’ has also been an internet TV star too.  Please, not that type of internet star!  A local star for a fledgling internet TV station – TVMK.

TVMK is a TV station for Milton Keynes run by a fellow petrolhead who is a gifted videographer and producer.  He liked the Toy, had read this Auto Journal and thought that it was an interesting car. Could he film it?

Let me think on that for a second

duh? Yes!

So, one sunny Saturday morning, TVMK pops round to film ‘The Toy’ and me.

It was fun to do and gave me an insight into how a 5 minute film is made.  It takes most of the day!! Watching it these days makes me cringe a little.

You can see the results here and if you want your own car filmed, he is always up for a chat.






Steve Lloyd